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Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling

Home Safety Tips for Your Next Vacation

As spring and summer are on the horizon, you’ve probably started planning your next vacation. While wrapped up in the excitement of traveling somewhere new and researching activities or restaurants, it can be easy to forget about the security of your property while you’re away.

However, when it comes to vacation planning, home security should be at the top of your priority list because for burglaries and other crimes, being absent from your home for a week or longer is the best-case scenario for crooks.

Is Your Home A Target? What Criminals Look For

Burglars are oftentimes interested in three primary factors: minimal danger, ease of access, and opportunity, which is why an unsecure or unprotected home is a prime target while you are out of town.

Use these tips to make your property a less attractive target for break-ins:

  1. Keep your valuables out of sight; especially out of view from the outside of your house. 
  2. Always close your drapes and blinds and lock your doors and windows.
  3. Never hide a spare key under a doormat or in a planter outside.
  4. Maintain your yard and landscaping on a regular basis to give your property a lived-in appearance, especially if you are gone for a long period of time.
  5. For longer vacations, pause or forward your mail, or ask a friend or neighbor to bring it inside.
  6. Activate your security system and notify your monitoring company of any travel plans so that if an alarm goes off, they can respond appropriately and provide accurate information to the police.

Need to Upgrade Your Home Security? What You Should Consider

When it comes to protecting your home, office or valuables while you are away, one of the best ways to guarantee peace of mind is with a surveillance and alarm system. We understand that it can be overwhelming to assess all the options available on the market today, but we’re here to help learn about your goals and provide recommendations that keep your property protected and keep you connected and informed. Plus, we can even give you control over your home from wherever you are!

Security Cameras and Easy Mobile Access

All security cameras, apps, and surveillance systems are not created equal. You want to make sure the surveillance system you choose, and the placement of the cameras, allows you to monitor every aspect of your home or office. Our security experts make sure your cameras and alarms are strategically placed to provide the utmost protection and visibility.

Your surveillance system is useful not just for deterring burglary, but also for confirming or disproving any issues, suspicions, or fears you may have while away from home.

With our security solutions, you have complete control right from your smartphone or tablet: alarms can be activated/deactivated, doors can be locked/unlocked, surveillance cameras can be viewed, and more. This way, you can keep an eye on your home from wherever you are, including your next vacation destination.

Professional Home Monitoring

In an emergency, such as a break in, every second counts; whether it’s to keep you safe and out of harm’s way, or to minimize the damage done. That’s why home monitoring is an essential part of a well-rounded home security system – your own team of security experts monitoring your home 24/7 from a central command station.

Our Rapid Response teams are trained to respond to any emergency that may arise whether you’re home or away. If an alarm is triggered, your monitoring team steps into action immediately, taking prompt action to notify you (even allowing you to easily notify the team of false alarms via text message), alert authorities, and any other steps necessary to keep you and your home safe depending on the situation. You can rest easy knowing your home is protected, even while you’re traveling.

Integration with Smart Home Systems & Energy Saving Capabilities

As smart homes become more common, you can truly elevate your life and the way you keep your home, your family, and your valuables safe, by choosing a security and monitoring system that integrates seamlessly with your other smart home systems like locks, lights, garage doors, and even Amazon Alexa devices. Imagine being able to control your entire home from one easy-to-use hub that you can access from anywhere. For example, if you have a system that allows you to remotely adjust lighting, you can make it appear as though your home is occupied while you're away, which may dissuade intruders.

Integrating your smart controls not only improves security and safety, but it can also help you combat wasted energy! Say you forgot to turn off the lights, close your garage door, or adjust the temperature before you left for vacation, or even for the day…no problem! You can control it all and more right from your phone. Keep your home safe, conserve energy, and save money, all when you properly integrate your security and smart home systems.

What is the Security of your Home Worth?

When you're off to your next vacation destination or lounging on a sunny beach, you want to enjoy the peace of mind knowing your home or office is safe and protected. Plus, enjoy the convenience of being able to check in on your home right from your phone, from anywhere in the world. With a team of experts monitoring the security of your home 24/7, you can fully relax and enjoy your next trip away.

Tis the season for traveling – Call MIProTechs today to build the ultimate security and surveillance system for your home or office so you can travel with confidence!