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We expect to be connected to internet and Wi-Fi at all hours from our homes and offices. If you’ve ever struggled with a poor network connection, you know how frustrating it is. But, a properly functioning network takes more than just plugging your internet modem into the wall. We’re help you avoid the hassle of an unreliable network and keep you connected to your computer, smartphone, TV, gaming systems, office equipment, or any other home or office technology.

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Network Connection Control

A good network connection goes beyond just having Wi-Fi available in your home or office. Our internet and network solutions (hardwired or wireless) give you control throughout your home or workplace. Much of today’s modern technology relies on your internet and network setup, so in order to get the most out of your technology, it’s important to be sure your network has the proper capacity to handle it all.

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Wi-Fi & Hardwired Internet 

Do you struggle with poor internet connection or dead zones? We can evaluate your router or modem setup to ensure your Wi-Fi is well distributed throughout your entire home or workplace, and can also make sure your system is maintaining the proper bandwidth for your needs. Whether your usage requires a hardwired or wireless solution, MIProTechs can help.

Connect Easily Throughout Your Home or Workplace

With wireless internet, no wires are necessary to connect your device to the internet. However, you will have internet equipment like a modem and router that will need to be placed in one spot within your home or office. Choosing this installation location is important for a strong high-speed connection from anywhere in your home or office, and we also want to ensure it’s out of eye-sight for you. We work with your builder and internet provider directly, so your home or workplace is completely move-in ready.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"From the design to the field, the team helped us pick the right options, equipment & quantities. They played a consultative role rather than someone who just wants to sell you more stuff. In some cases, they advised us of a different, more cost effective way to accomplish the exact same thing at a very reasonable price compared to what we originally had in mind."
– Dia Ali

"It has been a pleasure to do business with MIProTechs & I look forward to many more years of working together. Please accept my congratulations as a client on the success of your company in ensuring your commitment, professionalism & work ethic is maintained at all levels of your business."
– Anthony Fanelli
Rewold Management Services, LLC
Shelby Macomb Medical Mall, LLC

"I first met Mr. Cristiano in 2009 when MIProTechs was the provider for the low-voltage technology & central vacuum installation into my medical office suite in Shelby Township, MI. Our suite requirements were a challenge, and MIProTechs guided us through the process, leading to a seamless installation & finished product. Since then, I’ve used MIProTechs twice more for new suite builds in both Dexter & Flint. Both of these projects went as smoothly as the first. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation for the company."
– Anthony Giordano, DPM
President & CEO, Foot & Ankle Associates of Michigan

"We have had the opportunity to work with MIProTechs over the past several years. Whether they were upgrading our current systems or building a new home, the professionals at MIPT took the time to understand what we wanted, help us choose the right equipment & work with use on installation timing & system set up. We wouldn’t use anyone else for our audio, network, or video needs; they are the best!"
– Jill and Steve Petruska

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