Security Systems

Let MI Pro-Techs design and build a custom system for security around the clock.

Security Systems Designed by MI Pro-Techs

A security system designed by MI Pro-Techs will provide you with 24-hour protection for your family, employees, and property. These systems are designed so that you can close the garage door from work, check on the kids when they get home from school, or lock up your office after a long day right from your phone. You can depend on the professionals at MIPT to build you a system that fits your life and protects the things you value the most. Our team has over 25 years of experience in providing security for Southeast Michigan. We're proud to be 100% Michigan owned and operated.

Automated Solutions for Security Around the Clock

Have you ever forgotten to turn off the lights, set the alarm, or shut the garage door on your way out? We've all been there! With a quality security system from MI Pro-Techs, you won't have to worry. A reliable and custom-built system in your home or workplace can help automate your life for security around the clock.

Connected Home and Workplace Security

The best security system can be customized to your lifestyle and routine. Lights can be turned on and off, the thermostat can be adjusted, and cameras can be viewed all from your smartphone or tablet! No matter where you are, you can be sure your home and workplace are secure. An MIPT professional would be happy to discuss your worries and design a custom security system for your home or workplace.

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Cable Company Vs. Security Company

Cable companies have more recently entered into the home security world and typically provide security as an add-on service; however, it might not be the best option to protect your family and home. Cable companies provide their own brand of equipment that doesn't stand the test of time like our favorite security providers do, i.e. Honeywell. They also lack in reliability as their systems communicate mostly via Wi-Fi. We'd be happy to discuss your options with you.

NVR/DVR Based Security Cameras

NVR based security systems use IP cameras and a significant amount of bandwidth, while DVR based security systems record analog video. Whichever suites your needs best, we have the perfect solution for you. Additionally, if you have an old DVR security system and would like to update, we can help. MI Pro-Techs would be happy to discuss all options and help you decide which is right for your Southeast Michigan home or office!

Security Camera Systems

A camera system is a fantastic management tool and can provide peace of mind for a homeowner or office manager. A security camera system is a reliable method to deter theft and to confirm or disprove a concern, suspicion, or fear. These systems can be monitored from your home, or by a security team at your office. Our systems, including equipment from Hikvision, Wirepath, and more, record in digital HD and can be seen from your computer on-site or remotely from your smartphone or other mobile device. MI Pro-Techs would be happy to explain how it all works, and set you up with a security camera system perfect for your home or office.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • MI Pro-Techs treats their customers with great respect & handle their properties like they would handle their own home. Their quotes have always been reasonable & they work with their customers to accommodate any budget, yet keeping the same great standards, Their staff are very honest, humble & understanding. I have always recommended MI Pro-Techs to my family & friends, and always hear very positive feedback. In my opinion, they are definitely the best in this business.

    - Shady Megala

  • I have enjoyed working with MI Pro-Techs. I would highly recommend their services for anyone looking to improve their home experience; whether you are looking to install an entertainment system, a security monitoring system, or automation and home control. We hired MI Pro-Techs to do it all & will look for their expertise & help with future projects, no doubt.

    - Dia Ali

  • I am delighted with my experience of working with MI Pro-Techs & Peter Cristiano over the past many years. All of the staff are friendly, cooperative, helpful & very professional. I can always count on MIPT to approach every job, no matter how large or small, with professionalism, quality work, & care. I don’t have to worry about the outcome; my expectations are always met, & then some.

    - Anthony Fanelli
    Rewold Management Services, LLC
    Shelby Macomb Medical Mall, LLC

  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY OF WORK! I'm a technology consultant & used MI Pro-Techs to install our surround sound system along with home network, as well as for one of my client's implementation of new network, surround sound, Audio/Visual and Fitness Room technology upgrades. Absolute superior quality & extremely skilled technicians. Working with Pete & his staff, including front office, is truly a "team" to work with on any project.

    - Debra A Esenther

Let Us Build a Security System for Your Home or Workplace Safety

MI Pro-Techs is here to help build custom and complete security systems in homes and commercial offices! We'd be happy to give you a tour of our showroom by appointment to show you how these technologies work. Give us a call at (248) 987-6171 or fill out the form on our contact page to get started.

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