Integrated Control for Home or Office

Remote control of your security, lighting, climate, and entertainment.

Your Smart Device Is Your Command Center

Imagine leaving for work every morning, or leaving the office each night, feeling confident in your security system and knowing you can control it from wherever you are. With smart automation control systems and options for any budget, we can give you control of your lights, locks, garage door, entertainment systems, and so much more, from the palm of your hand. Think of your smartphone or mobile device as the command center for your home or office – we can show you how it works in our showroom!

Remote Security Control & Door Locking

It’s easy to forget to make sure the door is locked behind you or that the security alarm is set. With today’s smart home and workplace control solutions, you’ll never have to worry again! We can give you complete remote control of your home or office from wherever you are, with a multitude of smart door lock and security system options from companies like Honeywell, Schlage, and Z-wave.

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Close or Open Your Garage Door from Anywhere

Have you ever left home and found yourself wondering if you remembered to shut the garage door? Open or close your garage door from the office, from in the house, or while on vacation, all from your smartphone or mobile device! Using the most reliable home control products, including LiftMaster, Z-wave, and LaunchPort, MIProTechs can help you secure your home from wherever you are!

Control Your
Thermostat Remotely

Remote control of your thermostat can help you live more comfortably and save you money on your energy bill! Temperature adjustments can be made right from your smartphone, or set up automatic adjustments to be made every time your security system is enabled/disabled or during certain hours of the day. Forget to adjust your thermostat before leaving town? Don’t worry, can control it remotely!

Adjustable Smart
Shades for Privacy

Shades or blinds within your home or workplace can help you keep curious eyes out and ensure privacy – Control it all from wherever you are with the touch of a button. Think of it as another security measure. Plus, smart shade control can also help you save energy by allowing you to open/close the shades remotely and better regulate your indoor temperature.

Smart Lighting Options

Bring your home to life by turning the lights up or down before you even get home, or without ever leaving your bed! You can even have select indoor and outdoor lights turn on/off automatically when your security system is armed or disarmed. This can help to deter theft and promote safety by providing a well-lit entryway, whether at home or work. We can tailor your lighting preferences to your routine with solutions from Lutron, Z-wave, Binary, and more.

Seamless Audio Control

Whether you need to adjust the audio system for an important presentation in your workplace, or you want to stream music through certain rooms in your home, MIProTechs can give you ultimate sound control. Control your built-in or hidden speakers, all from your smart phone – adjust audio settings, volume, change the song, switch the audio source, and more!

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Easy Home & Office Control with LaunchPort

Your home or office command center can also be your iPad! MIProTechs is proud to carry the all-in-one LaunchPort system – an inductive charger and magnetic mount for your iPad that serves as the control center of your electronic devices, lighting, locks, etc. With LaunchPort, you can charge your iPad wirelessly from any number of stations mounted throughout your space and have complete control of your home or office at your fingertips.

Control Your TV & Entertainment Experience

With Universal Remote Control Total Control you no longer need multiple remote controls to manage your entertainment system and home control. Play music and adjust audio volume, stream shows from your devices to your TV, control your DVD or Blu-ray player, adjust shades, monitor security, dim the lights, and more from one convenient smart device. URC Total Control another option for whole home or office automation and control. Plus, it integrates with the brands and products you're already using! Contact us today for a demo.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"From the design to the field, the team helped us pick the right options, equipment & quantities. They played a consultative role rather than someone who just wants to sell you more stuff. In some cases, they advised us of a different, more cost effective way to accomplish the exact same thing at a very reasonable price compared to what we originally had in mind."
– Dia Ali

"It has been a pleasure to do business with MIProTechs & I look forward to many more years of working together. Please accept my congratulations as a client on the success of your company in ensuring your commitment, professionalism & work ethic is maintained at all levels of your business."
– Anthony Fanelli
Rewold Management Services, LLC
Shelby Macomb Medical Mall, LLC

"I first met Mr. Cristiano in 2009 when MIProTechs was the provider for the low-voltage technology & central vacuum installation into my medical office suite in Shelby Township, MI. Our suite requirements were a challenge, and MIProTechs guided us through the process, leading to a seamless installation & finished product. Since then, I’ve used MIProTechs twice more for new suite builds in both Dexter & Flint. Both of these projects went as smoothly as the first. I couldn’t give a higher recommendation for the company."
– Anthony Giordano, DPM
President & CEO, Foot & Ankle Associates of Michigan

"We have had the opportunity to work with MIProTechs over the past several years. Whether they were upgrading our current systems or building a new home, the professionals at MIPT took the time to understand what we wanted, help us choose the right equipment & work with use on installation timing & system set up. We wouldn’t use anyone else for our audio, network, or video needs; they are the best!"
– Jill and Steve Petruska

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