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3 Tips to Improve Your Wireless Network

Ensure You Have a Strong Wireless Network

The network connection in your home is crucial to daily living. Modern houses cannot survive without a powerful network connection, from your mobile phone to smart devices, streaming your favorite TV show, and even video conferencing and working from home. We'll give you some advice on how to have the best wireless connection possible so that none of your devices will ever experience delay and you and your family can use the internet to your hearts content.

The first step is setting everything up, we have more details on how to properly set up your wireless network here.

Tips for a Strong Home Network Connection

1. Hardwired vs. Wireless

While an Ethernet connection sends data through a network cable, a Wi-Fi connection sends it over wireless channels using specific frequencies. Since Wi-Fi connections may be accessed without the usage of cords, users have more freedom to move around a location while staying connected to the Internet.

The team at MIProTechs can assess the configuration of your network to make sure that your Wi-Fi is efficient across your entire home or place of business. They ensure that your system is retaining as much bandwidth as possible to help meet your expectations and can advise if changes or upgrades may be necessary.

2. Proper Bandwidth for Your Needs

Depending on how many devices are connected to your wireless network can adversely affect the overall bandwidth that you have to work with. “Balancing your network” can play a key role in the effectiveness of your WI-FI . The amount of video streaming and number of devices using your Wireless network will all affect the speed you need. For streaming, playing video games, or surfing through social media, those all require a robust network. Ask your MIProTechs team which option is best for you.  Most internet service providers will offer their clients a variety of speed alternatives and you’ll want to choose what is best for your lifestyle not necessarily the “highest speed and most expensive” service plan.

3. Modem & Router Installation

The installation of your modem/router is vital to having a solidified network. That router is what distributes the wireless network in the home. The placement of this device needs to be centralized. In most new construction homes today the modem/router is located out of the living space into the basement and WI-FI access points are placed in hallway ceilings as centrally located as possible for the best WI-FI coverage possible. At MIProTechs we believe that setting up a network in this manner will help eliminate the “pain” of wireless network issues that most people have experienced. Wireless Access Points can be added to your network to increase wireless coverage.

The last step would be to ensure the safety and security of your wireless network, get all the details on network security here. 

Are you confused about anything we went over? Or maybe you just want someone else to handle all of it, so you know the job is done right? Please Contact us we are always happy to help!