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How to Choose the Best TV For You

Television is hardwired into American culture, and your new TV could become your best friend for the long haul. Choosing one isn’t the same as choosing any other ordinary household appliance; this is something you’re going to want to get right.

Because everyone has their own definition of what is the “best”, it can be tough to narrow down all the options available to a single “best” TV. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a bad TV in the technical sense these days. That’s why we at MIProTechs are going to help you find the best TV for YOU.

It Starts with You

The most important thing to consider when choosing a new TV is how you’re actually going to use it. Are you a hardcore Netflix binger? Cinephile? Sports fanatic? Gamer?

Think about the room in which you’re intending to watch as well. How much space is there? How far will you be sitting from the TV? Are you open to rearranging furnishings and layout? What’s the lighting like? Do you typically watch TV at night or during the day?

Answering questions like these will get you much closer to choosing the best TV for you than trying to decipher fancy tech jargon from the manufacturer, or spending hours sifting through polarizing customer reviews online.

Screen Size 

When it comes to TV screen size, we at MIProTechs generally advise to get biggest screen that your space, viewing distance, and budget will allow. A big screen adds more to your viewing enjoyment more than anything else. We regularly hear from clients who wish they had purchased a larger TV, but we have yet to hear from someone who wishes they had purchased a smaller one.

Just remember that TVs are measured diagonally, and this is the dimension that is typically advertised. You’ll have to actually measure the height and width of the whole TV in order to make sure it fits on the wall or in the space itself.

Viewing Distance

When asked where the best seats in the house are, most moviegoers will likely direct you towards the dead center. Not all the way down in front. Not up in the nosebleeds. There’s a good reason. Enjoying an immersive, theater-like entertainment experience requires a picture that will fill up your field of vision; not overtake or shrink away from it. This is viewing distance, and it matters.

For the ideal viewing experience in your home, we recommend a viewing distance about 1.5-2x the width of the screen. For example, if you have a 55-inch TV, aim to sit about 5-6 feet away from it. Anything more or less may lead to discomfort and distraction from what you’re watching as you struggle to absorb information from a picture that’s either too close or too far away.

Screen Resolution

Unlike the thick curved glass of old analog sets, the TV screens of today are completely flat and comprised of a grid of small pixels. Each pixel is lit individually, set to a specific color and, when viewed from a distance, merge together to create a single image. Generally speaking, more pixels equal a better picture, as finer, sharper details are able to be displayed.

There are two main types of TV resolution - 1080p and 4K. However, with the wider availability of native content and device support, 4K is quickly becoming the norm. And it’s easy to see why. With 4 times the pixels than 1080p at a whopping 8 million, a 4K Ultra HD TV delivers the sharpest image quality you can get - on any screen size. In other words, when choosing a TV for your own home entertainment setup, we highly recommend 4K all day.

Do You Need a Smart TV?

The answer is “yes”. Absolutely. 100%. Positively. Yes. And that’s not just because we’re geeks for smart technology at MIProTechs. Smart TVs are the ultimate convenience machines. With standard built-in Wi-Fi and control integration for smartphones, tablets, and even voice assistants - you really cannot go wrong. Moreover, in addition to Netflix and Hulu, most major TV networks now have their own apps where you can stream past and current seasons of your favorite shows on demand. Gone are the days of “I forgot to set my DVR!” anxiety. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you decipher some of the jargon and concentrate on what to look for in a television. It's worthwhile to take your time, because a television is something you'll almost certainly use every day and is an investment that will pay off for many years.

Need a little extra help in choosing the best TV for your home? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at MIProTechs. We are Southeast Michigan’s premier provider of home technology, network, security, and control. It’s our mission to make your life easier! Call us at (248) 987-6171 or schedule an appointment online!