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How Smart Home Technology Can Help People Living with Disabilities

For many people, being able to control everything in their homes including door locks, lighting, TV, audio, and more all from a mobile device or command center is a bit of a novelty. They like the convenience, the excitement of showing off their new gadgets to others, and the feeling of just feeling James Bond-caliber cool.

However, for the elderly and people living with disabilities, smart home devices are not so much a novelty as they are a means to increase their functional capabilities and provide them with the independence they deserve.

We at MIProTechs are here to share with you the many amazing ways that smart home technology can go beyond the thrill of novelty and convenience, and truly change lives for the better.

Mobility & Voice Control

One of the most incredible assistive technology devices is the Amazon Echo. It acts as a personal assistant, providing the user with everything from phone numbers to the weather forecast to the ability to order groceries, send texts, make phone calls, and more. All completely hands-free and voice controlled.

Its on-board voice assistant, Alexa, is also capable of integrating with a near limitless number of smart home devices including all of those we install at MIProTechs. This enables to user to control all of their household systems including temperature, lighting, and more with a simple voice command. For a person with limited mobility or visual impairment, the Echo is truly a game changer in terms of confidence and self-reliance.


Numerous advancements in home security over the years have greatly increased the ability of elderly and disabled people to live safe, independent lives. Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa can be integrated with most modern security devices including cameras, alarms, and door locks that enable the user to arm and activate all three with a simple voice command.

Video doorbells like Nest and Ring or also very popular assistive technology devices, as they enable elderly and disabled people to safely interact with whomever is on their doorstep without literally opening the door to potential danger.


Cleaning & Sanitation

Assistive technology can also be added to the household cleaning routines of elderly and disabled people in the form of robotic vacuums. These devices can be controlled from a smart phone or tablet, but many also feature support for voice assistants. The user may set up cleaning schedules and routes that the robotic vacuum can follow automatically, and also may be activated on the fly to clean up an accidental spill.

Want to learn more about how you, a friend, or relative can benefit from assistive smart home technology? The experts at MIProTechs are here to help every step of the way. We believe that every person has the right to enjoy a home that fits their life with technology that works!

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