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How Smart Technology Can Keep You Healthy this Flu Season

Smart home technology has become more than just a cool novelty to show off to family and friends. With numerous advancements in artificial intelligence and capability, the same devices that you rely on for work, entertainment, security, automation, and more can also help you create a much healthier home environment.

As we begin the transition to the cold weather months, flu season is not far behind. Not to mention an actively evolving global pandemic still hanging around. The experts at MIProTechs are here to share with you some amazing technology that can help you stay safe and healthy.

Smart Locks, Lights, and Faucets

Research has shown that the human hand carries about 3,000 bacteria from at least 100 species - including those know to cause the flu and other illnesses. Moreover, the quickest way that bacteria can spread throughout a household is, you guessed it: touch. With our often busy schedules, it's just not practical to disinfect every surface of your home regularly.

We carry a variety of devices at MIProTechs that don't require touch to operate. Such as smart locks and lights that can be controlled directly from your smartphone or other mobile device, as well as smart faucets that utilize motion-sensors that "see" when your hands are present for washing.


If you want to take the "no-touch" approach to a healthy home a step further, consider automating your smart devices with a voice-assistant like Amazon Echo. Alexa, the on-board AI programmed to do your bidding, features numerous skill integrations for many of the devices we have at MIProTechs. All it takes is a simple voice command and Alexa can lock the doors, turn on the lights, turn on the TV, and more - without you having to touch any potentially germ-ridden touchscreens or remote controls.

Germicidal Lights

Otherwise known as UV-C lights, numerous tests have found that germicidal lights are capable of reducing bacteria and viruses on surfaces below detectable levels within seconds. Their growing popularity has generated many forms of UV-C lights from smart-enabled devices to special cases designed to sanitize your smartphone (which has been proven to be more germ-ridden on average than a public toilet seat). You can also have them installed in your HVAC system, which helps to disinfect the ductwork to distribute cleaner conditioned air throughout your home.

Central Vac

Carpet is not simply a floor covering, but rather the biggest air filter in your home. Just like any air filter, it needs to be regularly cleaned of dust, dirt, pet dander, skin flakes, and other things capable of mucking up the air you breathe indoors. However, the traditional vacuum cleaner you use to do this actually recirculates more of those particles back into the air than it cleans, and the problem with that goes without saying.

A central vac, on the other hand, completely eliminates such filth by removing it from the space and exhausting it outside. Moreover, a central vac is much more powerful than a traditional vacuum and offers many more cleaning accessory options to really achieve that deep clean you're after.

Take Charge of Your Health this Flu Season

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to retrofit and existing one, MIProTechs can walk you through all the ways smart home technology can make your life better and healthier.

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