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7 Ways a Central Vacuum System Can Make Your Life Easier

A central vacuum system should be on your short list of choices if it's time to replace an outdated vacuum cleaner. Although central vacuum systems aren't ideal for all, they do have some distinct advantages that are worth considering when looking for the right vacuum for your needs. Many homeowners are unaware that central vacuums are more efficient, convenient, longer lasting and quieter than conventional vacuums. They can even make your home noticeably cleaner and healthier to live in.

Before you drop more money on another traditional vacuum cleaner, we at MIProTechs want to share with you a few ways that a central vac can make your life so much easier.


Faster Cleaning

Homes are not big empty rooms, but traditional vacuums seem to be designed as if they are. They can be a pain to move in and around furniture, lug up and down stairs, or cover much ground without having to switch to a different outlet every few minutes. As a result, you start to feel like you’re spending more time trying to clean than actually cleaning.

This is one area where a central vac really shines. A standard central vac hose can reach up to 30 feet from a single wall inlet, enabling you to make real progress without stopping. You can even have multiple inlets installed throughout your home, on each level, and in different rooms for added convenience. And since the collection bin is not attached to the part of the central vac you actually handle in the home, there’s nothing blocking you from weaving around and underneath furniture with ease.


Improved Indoor Air Quality

Traditional vacuums discharge air into the room as they move around. This means that they can actually recirculate more of dust and dirt back into the air you breathe than they actually clean, which can especially spell trouble for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other chronic respiratory illnesses.

A central vac exhausts 100% of the particles it picks up to a collection bin located outside your home. This translates to not only a noticeably cleaner floors and furnishings, but also significantly improved indoor air quality to support a healthy household.

Quieter Operation

Since the power unit is located away from the living areas of your home, a central vac is significantly quieter to use than a traditional vacuum. Now everyone can watch TV, read a book, play video games, and whatever else they do in peace without giving you the stink eye while you’re just trying to clean the house.


Long-Term Scalability

Change is just a fact of life. Kids grow up and move out. Your spouse takes up woodworking in the garage while you get that craft room you always wanted. Your family grows by four paws with the addition of a dog or cat. You decide to revamp that boring wall-to-wall carpet with classy hard wood. Over the course of 10-20 years, your home can change dramatically based on your wants and needs.

A central vac is one of those things that can easily change right along with your home. With numerous accessories available and the ability to scale the entire system itself without a whole lot of hassle, a central vac keeps on cleaning for you no matter how your household cleaning needs change.


Longer Lifespan

The average lifespan of a traditional vacuum is about 8 years. Leading up to their demise, they can fall victim to all sorts of annoying trouble like clogging, tangled brushes, snapped belts, dust tracking, and more. What’s worse is they usually not cheap to replace, with “quality” models costing upwards of $500.

There are countless cases of central vacs running perfectly well for up to 30 years without needing replacement or service, making them a worthwhile investment. A central vac can even increase the resale value of your home by as much as $1,500.


Easy Storage

The burden of a traditional vacuum doesn’t end when it’s not in use. Now you have to store it, usually in a closet where other, more important things could be stored. Or worse, those other things do end up being stored in there, piled on and around the vacuum to the point where cleaning your house doesn’t even feel worth it anymore.

Central vac hoses are directly connected to the collection bin located in the basement and hidden within the walls. When you’re done cleaning, they easily retract back into the wall inlets they came from and are out of sight until you need to use them again.

Relatively Painless Installation

If you’re a current homeowner sold on all of the above benefits of a central vacuum, you might now be asking yourself “What’s the catch to getting one of these put in my house?” There’s not much of a catch, actually! Having a central vac system installed doesn’t require destroying any walls, and the whole process takes less than a day in most cases. No prolonged disruption to your daily life. No big construction messes.

A central vacuum system is a sound investment in a noticeably cleaner indoor environment, and convenience that will likely last the life of your home. Whether you’re building a new home or planning to retrofit an existing one, MIProTechs is here to help you explore your options and get you on the road to becoming a proud central vac owner.

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