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5 Smart Devices to Elevate Your Lawn & Garden Game

Cultivating a lush, award-winning lawn and garden can be a challenging, especially when you don't have as much time as you'd like to devote to landscaping. Luckily, you don't have to go it alone. There are several smart devices out there that can help you tackle yard work like a champ - even if you're not at home to do it.

Robotic Lawnmowers

Remember that robotic vacuum you got for Christmas one year? Well, the same technology exists for your lawn. Robotic lawnmowers take over the time-consuming and exhausting task of cutting the grass. All you have to do is use the proprietary app to set a schedule of the days and times the lawn should be mowed, along with a route for the robot to follow, and you're in business. You don't even have to worry about recharging the battery, it'll do that on its own too.

Plant Trackers

You don't have to have a degree in botany to have a beautiful, flourishing garden. A smart plant tracker is a handy little device that sits at the base of your in-ground or potted plants, and monitors their health via a proprietary app. From there, you'll get real-time updates of key metrics like lighting, moisture levels, fertilizer requirements, and soil diagnostics, along with daily, weekly, and monthly stats of your plant's progress.

Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Getting an in-ground sprinkler system was half the battle of keeping your lawn green and healthy, but remembering to set it and having to go out in inclement weather to turn it off can be a real pain. A smart sprinkler controller upgrades your existing one with the freedom and convenience to set custom schedules and activate the system all from your mobile device. You can also get real-time water usage stats to help manage your monthly bill.

Smart Locks

If you keep expensive lawn care tools and machines in your shed, a smart lock can keep them safe and secure. These locks are usually keyless to prevent lockpicking, or traditional combinations that can be easily cracked. Instead, they use either keypad entry or your smartphone to ensure that you're the only one with access. If you don't have a shed, we can even install smart locks on your garage.

Rain Gauges

Should you water your plants? Or was the rain yesterday enough to hold them over? A rain gauge can take the guesswork out of watering your lawn and garden with weather forecast and rainfall insights, helping you to prevent under or overwatering and keep your greens flourishing.

No matter your schedule or landscaping experience, smart technology can make having a beautiful home simple and convenient. Give the experts at MIProTechs a call at (248) 987-6171 or schedule online. We can ensure the network that these devices will live on is strong and well-distributed throughout your entire property, and ensure that your lawn and garden is the picturesque masterpiece you want it to be.