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5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home in 2022

Are your New Year’s resolutions to finish all those home projects you’ve been dreaming about? Or maybe, you want to start some new ones and truly create the most functional space for you and your family this year. No matter how simple or complex your home technology projects are, we're here to make your dreams a reality.

There are countless ways you can upgrade your home from smart appliances, to entertainment, security systems, and the network that powers it all – there’s no limit to what you can do.

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite ways to upgrade your home for 2022 to create a house that works for you!

Install a Central Vacuum

Installing a central vacuum in your house is one way to truly take your home to the next level. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with a central vacuum include improved air quality, high suction power, hidden outlets, lightweight hoses and tools, quiet vacuuming, and a clean, healthy home!

Not only will putting in a central vacuum make your household chores a breeze it’s also a major contributing factor to improving the health of your family. Traditional vacuums recirculate exhaust air, but BEAM central vacuums are 98% efficient at removing indoor air pollutants. When MIProTechs installs your central vacuum, the exhaust air is vented outside your home, just like your dryer vent, so that dust, dander, and other allergens leave your home instead of being recirculated into your air. If you, or any one in your home suffers from allergies or other health issues this will be a game changer.

Not only will it make your life healthier but easier as well! Whether you’re vacuuming hardwood, carpet, or deep cleaning your upholstery, BEAM provides an accessory for every surface in your home. You’ll be able to breathe easy and deep clean to your heart’s content!

Remote Door Locks

Have you ever left your house and been halfway through your commute wondering if you locked the doors? It’s one of worst feelings, but we can help with that!

With today’s smart home control solutions, you’ll never have to stress about whether you locked up again. We can give you complete remote control of your home from wherever you are, with a multitude of door lock and security system options. We’ll help you choose the brand and level of control that fits your lifestyle best.

Once we install your system, you can lock your doors, set your security system, and even open and close your garage door from anywhere. All you need is your mobile device, and you’ll have complete control over the security of your home. Talk about the ultimate upgrade!

Home Theater & Integrated Audio

Are you a movie buff? Love settling in with a bag of popcorn on your couch for a night in? Elevate your downtime by installing a home theater and integrated audio system right in your home.

There’s nothing like getting lost in a movie, binging your newest Netflix obsession, or reminiscing over old family videos, but it’s even better on a home theater screen. We have a variety of screens and projectors to design your perfect home theater. To take your movie watching experience to the next level we can even install built in speakers so you can enjoy quality sound tailored to you. You can even control your integrated speakers from your smartphone – adjust the audio, volume, change the song, switch the audio source, and more!

You’ll impress all your friends, family, and neighbors during your next movie night, we promise!

Thermostat & Shade Control

If you’re looking for a home upgrade that will save you money in the long run, we can get you set up with remote control of your thermostat. You’ll be able to adjust the temperature of your home from your smartphone, or you can set up automatic adjustments to be made each time your security system is enabled/disabled, or during certain hours of the day. This will save you major bucks on your energy bill by more efficiently heating and cooling your home!

We can also install smart shades which not only can give you more control over your privacy but can also help save on your energy bills too by better regulating the temperature inside your home. Control whether they are open, closed, or adjust their position remotely.

These home upgrades are not only convenient but smart and will save you money – that’s the best kind of upgrade.

Upgrade Your Home Security

The last, but possibly the most important, upgrade you can make to your home in 2022 is improving your home security solutions. We can help build you a system that protects the things you value most. With our trusted equipment brands, we can design and install a home security system that provides 24-hour protection for your family and property. Not to mention, remote access so you can check on your system from wherever you are. Always know what’s going in in your home with complete control from your phone or tablet! Alarms can be armed or disarmed, doors can be locked, and you can view your cameras from wherever you are.

You don’t have to spend your life worrying! MIProTechs is here to give you peace of mind this year and build you a system that gives you control and keeps your family protected.

If we’ve learned anything these last few years, it’s that we should enjoy the home we live in! Now is the time to make your home the place you LOVE to be. We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Let us help you make your home fit your life! Contact us today to schedule a time to visit our showroom!