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4 Simple Ways to Improve Room Acoustics

You know that you have an awesome home audio system, but something just…doesn’t sound quite right? It might be that your room doesn’t have the best acoustics, but you need to make it work one way or another. There are certainly plenty of ways to acoustically treat a room with an unlimited budget such as wall treatments, bass traps, and more. But in this article, we at MIProTechs will help you explore simple, budget-friendly DIY hacks to turn any room into a killer sound space without making your wallet angry.

Adjust Speaker Placement

Honestly, sometimes the best solution to a room acoustics problem is as simple as moving your speakers. It may not seem like big deal, but speaker placement does make a difference. For example, putting your speakers too close to a wall or solid furniture can cause the sound to reflect off those surfaces before it reaches your ears. When this happens, multiple sound waves are reaching you at the same time, literally a millisecond past each other. The result is loss of crisp sound quality.

Decorate Your Walls

 Hard, smooth surfaces are the enemy of good sound quality. One of the biggest culprits are walls. The solution? Decorate them. Pictures, posters, tapestries; just about anything is better for acoustics over your bare walls.

Cover Your Windows

 As you might guess from a car that pulls up next to you blaring music so hard it sounds like it might collapse, glass is not completely impervious to powerful sound. If your listening room has windows, sound is essentially escaping the space, however slight, but enough to make a difference in its quality. Try installing some nice, thick curtains to “insulate” sound space. This can also be beneficial if you’re using the room as a home theater, as a darker environment is always best for watching movies.

Install Carpet or Put Down Rugs

If your room has hard wood, tile, or stone floors, replacing it with carpeting can make a world of difference in terms of acoustics. Although, depending on the size of the room, this may not be the most cost-effective option. Putting down rugs near the most reflective surfaces is a less costly alternative that can also look really nice in the décor department.

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