Sick Of Slow Wi-Fi… Interrupted Connections…

Buffering While Streaming & More?

Your Network Could be to Blame!

Find out if there are issues that could be resolved.

A powerful home network connection is essential for modern households. If you're tired of constant buffering, dead zones, or a slow connection, schedule a consultation with our network experts. As part of our In-Home Network Health Check we'll test your network's performance, optimize it's security, and identify areas for improvement so you can live life uninterrupted. 

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Network Health Check

What's Included?

  • Wi-Fi Speed Test completed in every room with documented results
  • Dead Zone Identification throughout home interior
  • Analyze network setup and current configuration
        - Review ISP equipment, location, and set up
  • Enhance and personalize your network security
        - Review Router/Modem set-up and improve security
  • Discuss optimal Modem/Router location
  • Test bandwidth output

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