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Sick of Slow WiFi…Interrupted Connections, Buffering at the Best Part of the Movie & More?

Your Network Could be to Blame!

Find out if there are issues that could be resolved.

A powerful home network connection is essential for modern households. If you're tired of constant buffering, dead zones, or a slow connection, schedule a consultation with our network experts. As part of our In-Home Network Health Check we'll test your network's performance, optimize it's security, and identify areas for improvement so you can live life uninterrupted. 

What’s Included:

  • Wi-Fi Speed Test completed in every room
  • Dead Zone Identification throughout home interior
  • Analyze current network set up
        -  Modem/router equipment, location, any LAN network connections
        -  Discuss optimal modem/router location 
  • Discuss current network speed package 
  • Understand number of people living in the household and number of devices using the network. 

Our experts will explain any findings to you and then further review the data collected from our visit to your home to provide a detailed diagnosis via email with our recommended course of action to improve any issues that were identified.

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