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MIProDefend: Home & Office Defense System

A powerful combination of a panic system and a proven, effective defense option.

The Tragic Reality

Nearly 600 mass shooting events took place in 2020 alone and gun violence is on the rise. These events are not just limited to schools, but increasingly we hear of this happening in religious settings, offices, and even homes.

In the event of a violet threat, intruder, or shooting…

The average police response time is 8 minutes!

Unfortunately, until they arrive, protection is up to you. Are you prepared to handle this responsibility?

MIProDefend is designed to save lives, reduce the amount of trauma caused by an active assailant or shooter, and instantly initiate safety protocols and back up protection. Simply put, MIProDefend gives you the valuable time you need in a terrible situation.

What is MIProDefend?

MIProDefend is a combination of a panic system and a proven, effective defense option. A canister filled with pepper gel (the gel is twice as hot as a Ghost Pepper!) sits on either a smart base or in a smart case that will alert a pre-determined set of safety contacts and the police if it’s removed.

In an event lasting only minutes, this system is designed to buy you time until the authorities and first responders arrive.

How Does MIProDefend Work?


When the canister is removed from its base, a 108-decibel alarm alerts those nearby of a threat. Meanwhile it will also notify, via texts and emails, a set of designated contacts such as your alarm and monitoring company, staff, family, friends, etc.


In addition to this pre-determined set of contacts, MIProDefend also instantly notifies police and first responders with important information that includes details regarding the time and location of each activated base. This ensures backup is immediately dispatched to your location.


If active defense is necessary, each MIProDefend unit contains an easy-to-use, canister of pepper gel that provides a critical line of defense while waiting for help to arrive. Merely, aim the canister and use the pepper gel (it has over a 20-foot firing range!) it’s that simple.

Keep the Those You Care About Safe

MIProDefend is a vital tool to help keep your home, workplace, or organization safe. Whatever your application, MIProDefend is the protection you need. You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting the things and people you love. Never ask yourself if you could have done more if it happens to you.

Saving Time Saves Lives

Every every second counts. Give yourself the time you need to protect what you love with MIProDefend: Alert, Notify, Defend.

Contact us today to act.